About us

Nahan Kanz Company was founded in (2012) by a group of fully experienced engineers and managers in the field of electricity with the aim of supply of electricity distribution networks as well as engineering services with high quality.
However newly founded, the staff has over fifteen years of experience in different sectors, namely engineering, sales and commercial. Thanks to the said experience, Nahankans have established distribution net inside the country particularly in the centers of provinces and therefore have participated in the projects of infra-constructional industries and cooperated with renowned panel makers and contractors in power quality, innovative and recyclable energies from consultation stage to supply of equipment.
Our main target markets and clients are listed below:
Goods Distribution Net
Panel Makers and Power Industry Contractors
Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
Mineral Industries
Steel and Metal Forging Industries
Foundation of the company in (2012)
Establishment of domestic Distribution Net in all provinces and Distribution of locally made equipment in (2012)
Attempt to enter the vendor lists of various industries as the approved supplier in (2012)
Member of Iran Chamber of Commerce in (2012)
Member of German - Iranian Chamber of Commerce in (2013)
Member of Energy Federation in (2013)
Member of Iran Power Syndicate in (2014)
Forming an expert technical team in order to give technical and engineering services in (2014)
Development of products and equipment through distribution franchising from well-known European manufacturers in (2015).